Lindy Stork

It was just the best feeling to be in those in those meetings, where so many different groups and individuals came out. I can’t remember ever having that kind of cooperation between university groups, community groups, more overtly political groups. Such a broad spectrum of people working together and actually coming out in numbers. [There was a] lot at stake, especially for undocumented people…They put themselves out there knowing that they are in a precarious situation with their own status here weighing in the balance, fighting for their kids to stay in their school and risking being deported. I think it was really amazing, those demonstrations, the marches, the organizing meetings, where so many different groups were represented. And I must say, that’s when I felt really proud to be Rutgers alum, when I saw how much was going on at the university…The students, they knew about Lincoln Annex, and they were supportive.

Lindy Stork

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