Isabel Basurto

Isabel Basurto

The only thing that personally consoles me a little bit is that the [new] Lincoln Annex will not be built on that contaminated site where they wanted to build it. The struggle does not stop there. [With the current site], there is the train next door when the children are trying to concentrate on their studies. The noise of the train will distract them. There is a bar next door. There are people doing drugs and drinking alcohol around there. What are they going to do to fix these problems. Or do they just not care? They are going to leave it as it is and let what happens to our children happen. They are not interested in that. They are only interested in their paycheck and that’s it., I don’t think they would be interested in the future of any child, because if they were, I think they would have left Lincoln Annex where it was.

Isabel Basurto

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Isabel Basurto

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