Todd Wolfson

They operate with hubris, right? They’re the elite and think the world is their playground to do as they will. And so they don’t think that undocumented folks from New Brunswick can challenge their will. They’re like peons. They’re meant to give them their coffee and shut the fuck up. Obviously, I don’t believe that. I don’t endorse it. But that’s how they operate. And so maybe they thought there might be some small resistance, but nothing that their unified power couldn’t steamroll. I think that this move overstepped their hand.…

It was beautiful, to see how quickly the community in New Brunswick pivoted and organized itself to challenge this. I thought it was beautiful, and it shows that we can fight and win…From the union’s vantage [point], we have work to do to, to get issues of bargaining for the common good deeper into the roots of our membership. We have a lot of education work to do. But I do think the leadership of the Union, from the Executive Council on, completely embrace the struggle. And I think that bodes well for our engagement with these struggles moving forward. We have to move our faculty, our grad workers, our postdocs, our counselors, into a deep understanding that we must fight for and with the communities where we work and reside.

Todd Wolfson

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