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  • Isabel Basurto

    The only thing that personally consoles me a little bit is that the [new] Lincoln Annex will not be built on that contaminated site where they wanted to build it. The struggle does not stop there.

  • Candido and Diego Osorio

    They called us crazy. They told us, no, it is all lies. Who was fooled?

  • Charlie Kratovil

    We were going to hit all the government meetings—they knew that this was going to require a dozen or two dozen different public meetings, and they’ve got the county involved, and they’ve got Rutgers involved. So it was going to create a ton of opportunities for people to speak. And then, bam, COVID.

  • Lilia Fernandez

    A really important strategy was educating the public and making people aware of the millions of dollars at stake here and who these big operators were. One of the flyers that we put together based on Juan’s research was the salaries of all the hospital and Cancer Center executives. These are guys making two, three,…

  • Juan Cartagena

    I am very proud to be part of a struggle. We played a small role in this, but to see this level of activism was just so reaffirming to the work we do.